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Call for our great rates!

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When you call us, you know you’re getting the best waste removal service there is. 

Whether you need your septic tank pumped, your grease trap cleaned, your cooking oil disposed of, or any other liquid waste service, we’re the ones to hire.

Call us today at 301-963-9399 today! 

manhole risers

Manhole risers are a crucial part of any street project. 

Our risers allow for a greater versatility in manhole height, helping you meet your specific project needs.

We offer risers of various sizes. Call us for more specifications! 



No one likes to think about how clean or dirty their drains and sewer pipes, but what’s even worse is what happens if they get clogged. Pro-Pump can also be used as a septic system treatment.

Call us to keep everything flowing smoothly!